Tiger Beer  


I was commissioned by Marcel Sydney to create artwork as part of a global brand campaign entitled, Uncage for Tiger Beer. Each poster created for the campaign featured the Tiger logo front and centre within a highly textured treatment focusing on specific qualities of the brand. Each treatment was physically built and photographed for realism and authenticity. My artwork was based on the technical aspects of the Tiger Brewery in Singapore, and the innovative techniques and engineering involved in temperature control and brewing a beer of such quality in a tropical environment.

The brief was to illustrate a technical blueprint and integrate the Tiger Logo within the faux 3D environment. The blueprint utilises tank forms, pipe formations and specific labels from within the actual brewery. The digital image was printed in large format and then photographed with the bottle for added realism.

Year: 2016
Client: Tiger Beer

Agency: Marcel Sydney
Via: Jacky Winter
AD: Emmanual Bougneres


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